Refocusing Your Website

Refocusing your websiteDo you have an old website you want to revive? Or are you ready to update your website but you aren’t sure how to do it? How do you start refocusing your website?

Refocusing your website can fall into several areas. First you need to make sure your website is showing your readers what it is about. If the title, the tagline, and the main categories or links on the home page aren’t what your website is about, then your readers aren’t sure they want to click on something.

You need to review the title of your website and how it relates to your subject matter as well as your domain name. Are you telling your reader what they can find here on the pages?

How to start refocusing your website today!

The tagline is important for your reader. If your website title is slightly vague, then your tagline or motto can add specifics about your website’s mission and purpose. Think of it as a subtitle to a book or subheading on a t-shirt. What do you want your visitor to know about your website at a glance?

What are the links on your home page? If they are about us, our products, our services, and contact us, we need to add more. What is your website about? Have you created a free giveaway which will entice someone to signup? Do you your graphics have a message in them? Tell your visitors what to do: Click here for this; Sign up and get this free; or check out our new series on this. Your website home page should be filled with call to actions in each section.

At the top section we want to point to our free giveaway. There should be a short explanation, a link, an image, or a form to get your visitor to take an action right now! Every person who sees the top of your homepage should immediately know how your website can benefit them! Each link in the main menu, the title, the tagline, and the top call to action should make them want to know more and discover what you have to offer.

Title, Tagline, and Categories

The middle section gets more into the meat of your website topic. Here we have different posts or pages highlighted with images and descriptive titles outlining what your website can do for them and it is right here! Click on it to read more!

The bottom section can have your required legal pages, your search field, a blurb about the owner, social media feeds, and affiliate ads. It can also have another call to action your visitor can follow. Or it can point them to the most recent comments or posts with engagement.

Download our Checklist for Refocusing Your Website!

Once you know what your website is about, it is easier to let go of old posts that don’t match your new focus. You can make them private or unpublish them to a draft if there is little traffic to those posts. Add new categories and move your posts into those new categories. Use a good, safe plugin to redirect your visitors to the right pages and new links.

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