Remembrance Book by Anna K Payne

Remembrance Book by Anna K Payne$1.99 Kindle Price! Get the Remembrance Book by Anna K Payne now!

It’s almost time for the school bell. I’m still in my pajamas. I’m racing to the bathroom one last time as my kids give me that desperate look.

“Mom! Hurry! We need to leave!”

Remembrance Book by Anna K Payne induces calm demeanor

Throwing on last night’s clothes, I slip on my sandals and grab my purse. We slam out the door and get into the van.

I start the motor and see my Remembrance Book on the dash. My shoulders drop and I take a deep breath. I’m not alone.

Mornings were never my best time. When we added a school routine I struggled to remain calm. It wasn’t until I discovered these verses I began to trust God with my moments.

What verses calm you?

How to use Remembrance Book: Read the verses and short devotional. Spend time letting the verses sink into your heart. Pray and consider each verse as it pertains to your own situation.

Once you have finished the book, write in your own verses God has shared with you. What verse will you add?

Comes in a paperback or Kindle version. Get your own copy of Remembrance Book today!

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