Resources for the Pray Specifically Journal

Thank you for purchasing the Pray Specifically Journal.

If you haven’t purchased the Pray Specifically Journal, click here and check out the different versions, printed paperback, ebook (Kindle or others), and Printable PDF. Or get the ebook version and all the resources below by taking the course. It’s the same price as the book!

After purchasing the versions, you may be interested in the following resources:

Resources for the Pray Specifically Journal

Printable PDF page for the Ebook version of Pray Specifically Journal

Download the Printable PDF pages available for the ebook version. You can use your ebook reader to read the verses and print the pages in this PDF for writing in your requests.

Print as many copies of the pages as you need when you want to. Add the papers to a notebook to have a journal of answered prayers. Keep a record of the thoughts you hear from God.

Click the image or here to start your download!

Prayer Strategy Sheet

Do you need help pinpointing the areas to pray? Check out this Prayer Strategy Sheet you fill out each week to help you pray specific requests each day.

This Prayer Strategy Sheet is what I use to help me focus on my prayers every week.

It has spots to fill out for answers to prayer or things I’m grateful for, places to pray for leaders, either government or religious, and spots for requests for myself, my job, and my family.

The Two New Daily Prayer Guides

Some of you may have downloaded the free Daily Prayer Guide I created last year. This year I’ve added two new Daily Prayer Guides. Each one covers different topics and utilizes scriptures based on those topics to pray to God.

Each one has a prayer for every day of the week and protection prayer to pray daily.

Use a full fourteen days of different prayers to pray for your family, yourself, job, and world.

12 Weeks to Change Your Life through Prayer

Unsure how to use the Pray Specifically Journal? This 12-week Ecourse will take you through the various topics in the Pray Specifically Journal. We will use the weekly theme to fill out the Prayer Strategy Sheet for the week and follow through with prayer times.

Using the Facebook group for the Ecourse, we’ll stay in contact, answer questions, and pray for each other. Join us!

Let’s become prayer warriors together! Read the email, do the homework, watch the videos in the Facebook group, and let’s pray together.

All of these resources are available free until the end of January 2018 to purchase the Pray Specifically Journal.

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