Revising old books

Surviving Work - Driving with AnnaIn Search of Me - Driving with AnnaI am working really hard at revising the Driving with Anna books. I finished one and started the next one. I’m editing all of the text (could I even write back then?) and reorganizing the books for easier reading.

I’ve also updated the covers. I will be making them all available on Kindle in the next few weeks as I update each volume.

April will be a concentrated effort to edit the Planted Flower series. I’m very excited to get those books published and start other writing projects.

Revising takes time!

I am continuing with the Love and Respect exercise and e-book which I hope will help more parents and children speak quietly and respectfully with each other. And I try to spend at least one day a week learning to draw cartoons. I’d love to be able to illustrate my own books. I’ll have to see if my mom got all of the drawing talent.

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