Rich Daily Prayer Guide

God Richly Inhabits Me

Lord God, thank You for giving me every seed-bearing plant and fruit-bearing tree for food and nourishment. You have placed me in a rich pasture abundantly full of food and water. It is a quiet and peaceful land.

Thank You, Lord, that Your word richly inhabits my life. I teach, counsel, and instruct my family with Your wisdom. I sing psalms and compose hymns or songs inspired by Your Spirit. You keep me singing from the heart that spills over with thankfulness.

I abide in Your love, Lord. You love me and reside in my heart. My life is rooted in Your love through faith in Christ Jesus.

Rich in Understanding and Knowledge

Thank You, Lord for giving me understanding. Your wisdom is better than gold. When I gain understanding, it is better than silver. Lord, give me a generous heart to share Your blessings with others.

Lord, help me spend my money on Your causes. Let me glory in Your love for me. Then, what I eat will fill me. My heart will not be empty, for You live in me. Thank You, Lord, for Your comfort and encouragement. They knit me together with Your followers. In Jesus Christ, I am rich in understanding, and I have the full knowledge of Your mystery.

Lord, I ask for Your wisdom and knowledge so I may comfort and encourage others. Thank You for giving me favor with others. Build in me the desire for prayer and righteousness. Lord, thank You for filling my every need according to Your glorious riches in Jesus Christ.

Rich Daily Prayer Guide

The Unfathomable Riches of God

  • Richly Inhabits me
  • Abundance and Rich Legacy Rich Heritage
  • Richness of God’s Grace
  • Richness of God’s Love and Mercy
  • Rich in understanding and knowledge
  • Unfathomably Rich in Faith
  • Rich in Good works

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