Stand Daily Prayer Guide

Stand Your Ground and Witness God’s Rescue

Lord God, I know Your presence, and I stand my ground today. I see You will rescue me today. My enemies will disappear. I am righteous through Jesus Christ, and I stand my ground as boldly as a lion. You made the ground I stand on and shaped who I am.

Lord, I open up my heart, soul, and mind to You. Search me and cleanse me, and I will stand tall in Your presence. You rescue me from violence. And You oppose those who oppose me. You claim me as Your own. I trust in You.

You come across the sky to rescue me. You protect me from those I pass as I travel. You are my stronghold where I take refuge. And You are my strong shield and My savior from violence.

Lord God, You rescued me and hid me in Your favor. You bring victory in defeat and hope in hopelessness. I am saved from those who chase after me. You are my defender and keep my heart pure.

Lord God, You rescue me from desperation, surround and protect me, and set me in a safe place. You are my valiant supporter.

Stand Up and Worship God

Lord God, You tell me I have gained Your trust and blessing. You know my name. Lord, I stand and worship You. You exist from everlasting to everlasting. I lift up Your name beyond all blessing and praise. Lord, I stand in awe to praise You.

Lord God, stand watch over my city. I worship You, and I gain knowledge. I stand unmoved and enduring because I have faith in You, Eternal God. Lord God, I praise You and stand ready to serve You through the night.

I Stand Firm in God’s Presence

Remain Standing Before God
Stand Barefoot In God’s Presence
Stand Your Ground and Witness God’s Rescue
God Stands Like a Rock
Stand Up and Worship God
God’s Power Stands at My Right Side
I Stand Firm in Awe of God’s Love
God’s Strong Love and Truth Stands Watch Over Me

Stand Daily Prayer Guide

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