How to Start Your Own Planted Flowers Bible Study Group

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Have you purchased your copy of Planted Flowers Bible Study Workbook? Have you found a group to share your journey with? If not, keep reading for ways to start your own Planted Flowers Bible study group.

How to start your own Planted Flowers Bible study group

Think about your group:

  1. Start a group with your friends and schedule a meeting time and place
  2. Start a group with friends and family not close to you and do the group online.
    1. Use the Planted Flowers Series forum to start the group.
  3. Start a group with your local church

When should you meet? Take a poll of the women in the group to see which day and time works best for the majority. Have each women pick their three best times. From these choices, you may find close enough overlap to be able to get together.

For online groups, meeting together over an online screen sharing program could happen as little as once a month. The weekly discussions could be topics underneath the forum and each person can add comments, and start conversations or ask questions.  To start an online forum, ask me to set you up!

Where should you meet? Finding a home that is open and within easy reach is important. But also, noise level, distractions, child-care if needed, and allergies to pets are considerations. Other options are private rooms at restaurants, schools, and churches. Find a place to meet that fits your group.

Who should lead? If your leader is not delegated by a church, then pick a person based on these qualities:

  • Prays
  • Calm
  • Focuses on Others
  • Interested

Once a leader is picked and accepted the leader position, members of the group should work to support her. Offer helping with snacks and running down details, such as the prayer hour location or serving opportunities. Especially if she has not done the Bible study before! She will need support just as you do!

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