Starting a Website or Starting Over?

Starting a Website or Starting Over?Nearly a year ago, I woke up to no websites. Because I’ve been a web consultant since 1997, I have ten personal websites and I manage several others. My server had been hacked and my websites no longer existed. I was starting over.

Over the process of a month, I went through the grieving process of losing so much work. I was able to download the posts. It would be easy to use them again once I rebuilt the websites. I asked for help from the server, begging to be allowed to download the images and other pieces I felt were necessary. But I heard nothing from the server help for over two weeks.

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Eventually, I passed through the denial and anger phases to acceptance. The server where my websites were still had 18 months left paid service, but I still hadn’t heard from them about setting up the server. I shopped around and went with ehost which was sold to justhost recently. The service is always instant and because I can have more than one website per account, it was ideal for me.

Starting Over is Hard to do without EBA

Then, there I was with 14 websites to set up, install themes and plugins, and basically recreate. That was when I came across Elite Blog Academy (EBA) by downloading the free Blog Structure Blueprint.

I started with my main website,, and moved through the material I gleaned from EBA. I am so glad I invested in the whole course. I’ve learned so much through the course.

Now, nearly 12 months later, I’m still working through all of the back posts ( has nearly a thousand posts to revisit) but every website has been reviewed according to the EBA way.

And, I’m finally making money from my blogs for the first time since I put them up. It isn’t an earth-shaking amount because my time has been divided between the ten personal websites, websites belonging to others, and publishing books.

In the last year, I’ve honed who each website is speaking to. Each blog speaks hope, encouragement, and care in a unique way. Each blog strives to fill a need for women and small businesses.

The website posts are being rewritten for grammatical errors, adding in SEO, and creating new images for each. Some websites, like and are current, but and need many more hours of work.

If you are looking for a structured way to start a website or you are starting over, I recommend Elite Blog Academy. You always know the next step to take!


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