Surviving Work

Surviving Work Driving with Anna DevotionalsDo you feel like a failure? Learn how one woman changed her life through prayer. See how she is surviving work!

Written during the hardest period of her working life, Anna tells you the honest truth about her struggles.

Surviving Work – a story of failure and hope

After years of excelling in every type of employment, Anna experienced failure and the inability to perform. The devastation was compounded by seemingly kind managers. How could things have gone so wrong in such a short amount of time?

In devotional, Anna takes you through the struggles she faced.

See how to:

  • Find your purpose and renew your faith.
  • Restore joy and laughter in your life.
  • Gather the strength and courage to move forward.

Anna spent nearly 18 months rebuilding her self-confidence as she searched for a new position. God provided her with the right kind of employer. She learned her strengths and weaknesses as she gathered knowledge to make herself marketable.

But making the transition from failure to confident employee is only possible through prayer and support.

Surviving Work is a devotional journey from loss to faith. Read about the hope and strength Anna K Payne found through prayer, the Bible, family, and friends.

Find your purpose and renew your faith by buying and reading Surviving Work now.

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