The Charlie Storybooks Whole Collection

The Charlie Storybooks Whole Collection- all five books

Here it is, The Charlie Storybooks Whole Collection

After nearly 40 years, I fulfilled the dream of the Charlie storybooks. Here is the whole collection of five books. You can get your copy as an ebook, paperback, or hardcover book.

Charlie helped my husband and me transition from newlyweds to new parents. He participated in our first major move. Charlie was also there while I finished my college degree. He had to listen to me complain about the jury trial I sat through. I discovered I have trouble sitting and listening. Charlie survived my first job and our impending parenthood.

Charlie once fell in the tub with me

Along the way, we had a small house next to a field, where Charlie found the mouse he brought in to play with him. We found out what it is like to travel with a cat. We went from hot and muggy to dry and windy climates. There was the apartment we stayed in that didn’t have a threshold leaving an inch between the door and the floor. It was above the garage and there were holes in the floor. The holes were just big enough for the tiny scorpions that invaded our space. That’s where I discovered a smooth lizard that felt like cold dead flesh.

And we did have a puppy left on our doorstep the day after Charlie stayed up all night. He tried to stay awake and watch that puppy. Then Ginger came into our lives and became Charlie’s best friend and co-conspirator.

Keep watch for children’s picture books and chapter books featuring Charlie.

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