The Door is Broken, But I’m Not!

Okay, most of you by now have heard that I broke the door on my first day at my new job. It isn’t the most dignified way to get well known at a new position, but they will all remember me.

Here is what happened: In my new office building, the bathroom is shared with the other businesses on the same floor. So, we actually leave the office in order to go to the bathroom. On my way back in from the bathroom, I carefully and quietly closed the door holding onto the door handle. And as I slowly let go of the door handle, it just came off in my hand.

Thinking this was not a good thing to happen on my first day, I desperately and quietly tried to put the handle back on. It didn’t go. Apparently the bolt holding it together broke.

I turned away from the door, wondering what I should do. The woman who doubles as a receptionist was off that day, so no one had noticed yet. I looked up and the VP of Marketing looked up at the same time. She glanced between my shocked face and my hand holding the door handle and said, is that the door handle?

She came up to the door and decided what I had decided; the handle just wasn’t going back onto the door. So she laid it on the receptionist desk and went back to work.

I went to my desk and heard others getting up to leave for the day murmuring various different versions of, what the? Where’s the? Why is the handle gone? Oh, okay, I’ll just go out the other door.

Later on, I was able to get my boss’s boss to smile by confessing to breaking the door. He said, that was you?

I have been known for many things: Helping my son with his math homework (he got a D); helping with the yard work (we have one plant in the back still alive); and now, breaking a door.

I know life goes on, people remember other things, like, first impressions matter, but I’m just Anna Banana, the math major who can’t do elementary math logic problems, and the lady in my small group who says totally odd things and makes them laugh.

But in the end, it was a fun day. Thank you all for praying for me!

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