The Elder

The Elder: The Empath Stories

Ages ago, before evil penetrated Windware, a young Pemba trained with his friends, Pyre and Bazai. Lycan tried to obey the Elder but loved running free in the forests.

One day, as Lycan again outpaced his friends, he stumbled to a stop on the edge of a cliff. Before him, he could see so much. Roxsard Lake could be seen to his right, and beyond was the Northlands Village. To his left, he could make out the Lower Plains village. But in front of him lay Arches Way, a bustling city with tradespeople from beyond the border. And further out, he could see the blue-green waters of Franmack See.

The Creator Speaks

“It is beautiful, isn’t it, Lycan.” the voice sounded in his mind.

Lycan froze, “Creator, is that You?”

“Yes, Lycan. I made the sea and the mountains for your enjoyment. The world produces life, food, water, and peace.” The Creator said.

“Oh, Creator,” Lycan bowed low, “I am humbled to hear Your voice.”

“Raise your head and watch the sun sparkle on the sea in the distance.” The Creator said, “It looks like jewels.”

Lycan stared at the horizon, “Yes, I see it. Are there jewels there?”

Lycan hears the Creator

“No, Lycan,” The Creator answered, “The jewels are here in these mountains waiting to be found. Just as The Creator’s Eye was found hundreds of years ago.”

Lycan sat on the ground, “Treasure is here in Windware. Pyre and Bazai said it was by the sea.”

“Your friends are listening to stories told by men. You can teach them the correct story told by the Creator.” The Creator said.

“Oh,” Lycan thought, “I can tell them the story, but I don’t know if they will believe I heard it from You.” Lycan said, “I’m always in trouble for running off without permission.”

Lycan stood quickly, “Why are You talking to me?”

The Creator’s Plan for Lycan

“I need You, Lycan. In the coming days, life will not always be so simple. Evil will try to take a foothold in Windware. It will bring violence, hate, envy, and sorrow. You will lead the Pembas in the fight for your homeland.” The Creator said.

“Me?” Lycan squeaked, “How could I ever be ready for that?”

“From this day on, you will sit at the feet of the Elders and ask questions. Learn as much as you can from them. You will be chosen to work with a High Prophetess. And you will have offspring to continue your line. Then you will move into your role as Elder.” The Creator sighed.

“I will be honored with a prophetess? Wow. I need to learn more so I can teach her Your ways.” Lycan thought more on the idea. “I will mate? I hope she is beautiful and strong.”

The Creator chuckled, “When you run through the forests, you can ask me anything. We can talk every day. But you must ask permission to run. The Elder has requested I speak to you about it.”

Lycan will be a great Elder

Lycan’s head drooped, “Oh, he did.” Lycan sighed. “I will ask from now on. And then we can talk more. I have lots of questions.”

“A good place to get answers is from the Elder. He has learned much in his years. He may slow down some as he grows close to his three-hundredth birthday. I hope you will visit him often.” The Creator said.

“Wait, I visit him? He won’t always be the Elder? Why not?” Lycan asked.

“Lycan, most Pembas do not live longer than three hundred years. He will linger a little longer than the others. He knows the legends, the myths, and my ways.” The Creator said. “It is time for you to return. Do you hear the Elder calling?”

Lycan begins his training in earnest

Lycan sat up and cocked his ear, “Yes, yes, I can hear him. I’ve not heard him before.”

“It is because you are growing up, Lycan. Your time of training is nearly over. You have less than a year to get answers to your questions.” The Creator said.

Lycan turned and ran down the mountain toward the encampment. As he ran, he was filled with joy and something new. Contentment. He sang praises to the Creator as he raced back home.

Thank you for reading The Elder. He wasn’t always old and wise. It took training and listening to the Creator to become ready to a an Elder. I hope you enjoy The Empath Stories such as Cato, The Hunter, The Warrior, and the longer story, Anya, The Prophetess. Read more by Anna.

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