Through God’s Love

I was reading in a book, Crazy Love, where it suggested I replace Love with my name in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. It also suggested I would feel like an imposter doing so. But what if it wasn’t me but God working through me doing all the loving. Then I would be totally dependent on him, his power and his strength to give love to those around me. That would be possible and something that could happen.

God, through me, never gives up. God, through me, cares more for others than I care for myself. God, through me, doesn’t want what I don’t have. Through God’s strength, I do not strut. Through God’s love, I don’t have a swelled head. God, through me, doesn’t force himself on others. Through God’s love, I am not always “me first”. Through God’s strength, I don’t fly off the handle. Through God’s love, I don’t keep score of the sins of others around me. God, through me, doesn’t revel when other people grovel. God, through me, takes pleasure in the flowering of truth. Through God’s strength, I put up with anything. Through God’s strength, I will trust God always. Through God’s love, I will always look for the best. God, through me, will never look back, but I will keep going to the end.

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