Two New Daily Prayer Guides!

Daily Prayer Guide 201
Daily Prayer Guide 101

Continue Your Daily Prayer Habit

Download the two new Daily Prayer Guides to help guide you through prayer every day of the week.

Download the two new Daily Prayer Guides

The printable PDF will help you pray every day of the week. With the two new Daily Prayer Guides, you can pray a different prayer every day for three weeks!

Download the two new Daily Prayer Guides to help you through prayer every day of the week. Each day’s devotion is filled with scripture, helping you pray according to God’s will in every area of your life.

The Daily Prayer Guide 101 contains these topics:

  • Sunday is Passion, Vision, and Hope
  • Monday is Safety, Healing, and Home
  • Tuesday is Forgiveness, Maturity, and Listening
  • Wednesday is Clarity, Memory, and Wisdom
  • Thursday is Money, Work, and Debt
  • Friday is Respect, Community, and Support
  • Saturday is Family Near Me and Far Away
  • And everyday – Protection!

The Daily Prayer Guide 201 includes these topics:

  • Sunday is Me, My Relationship with God, and Rest
  • Monday is Work, Peers, and Finances
  • Tuesday is Family, Relationships Within and Without, and Respect
  • Wednesday is Health, Safety, and Peaceful Home
  • Thursday is Christians Near, My Nation, and the World
  • Friday is Purpose, Mission, and Goals
  • Saturday is Direction, Guidance, and Next Steps
  • And everyday – Protection!

And these two new Daily Prayer Guides can be yours! Download both for only 99 cents!

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