Visit the Sick and Shut-Ins by ADS

(My grandmother, Anna Daisy Siemens, wrote poetry and prose. This devotion was written and published for Devotions for the Deaf in 1994)Matthew 25:36I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.Jesus must weep for the nursing homes packed with sick and feeble people — worn-out bodies with confused minds. They cry for help. Some have no relatives and some families no love.Age traps some people in their own bodies. They need your smile, a word of hope, a loaf of bread, or a hot bowl of soup. They might appreciate a country ride or see children at play. That would cheer their day.For hospital visits: a word of caution. Be brief! Mary, a cafe cook, stopped at Fran’s hospital room each day. She spent five minutes with a word of cheer. Later Fran said, “Your visits were precious. Your brevity made them doubly so.”Jesus reminds us that if we give a cup of water in His name, we will not lose our reward (Mark 4:41). Why not share a card, flower, or a touch in Jesus’ name.Prayer: Lord, give me time and a willingness to visit those in need.

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