What About Retirement?

Having my parents and my husband’s parents to visit has slowed down our retirement plans somewhat.  They were already slow due to my slow career path and the economic downturn.Having our children move back in has led to increased monthly bills and weekly grocery bills.  These have also contributed to our slower retirement plans.But what will we do?  I’ve recently started my own IRA account and I’m going to try to contribute to it regularly.  Also, I’m a complete 1099 worker these days so I’m needing to make tax payments this year too.  Add to that all of the other things to deal with such as house maintenance, re-landscaping our yards, and replacing old appliances, we are having difficulties saving for retirement.So what can we do?  I am looking into building a bigger career in writing online and ebooks as well as print books.  This would be more of a residual income if I can build classic lines of books for sale.  That residual income could increase over time and possibly help us be able to afford retirement in one of the most expensive areas of the US.

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