What are the Brochure Website Features?

What are the Brochure Website Features?What are the Brochure Website Features? What features do you need?

  • Custom Design and Layout
  • Built-in Content Management System (CMS)
  • Set up of 4 pages of content (includes text and images)
  • Basic Image Optimization
  • One custom form (contact, feedback, quote request)
  • Matching Custom Blog *
  • Help setting up one year of Web hosting and one year domain registration *
  • Training to manage website via e-mail, phone or Skype
  • Basic SEO plugin installed and Training

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What are the Brochure Website Features?

Basic Website Pages for a Brochure Website

What are the Brochure Website Features? Tree Trim HomeHome

A summary of what your business or non-profit is about and what your prospects and customers will find on your website. This page might highlight donations for a non-profit and its benefits to the community, or it might show how your products or services will benefit your customers.

What are the Brochure Website Features?About Us

The About Us page is information and details about your business or non-profit such as the company history, staff, and management, or company location. It may also include associations, partners or sponsors with whom your company may be involved. It should give your customers confidence in your company and reasons to connect with you.

What are the Brochure Website Features?Products/Services

An overview of your products and/or services you offer. If this is the only page or if you only have a few products or services, then put detailed information on this page.

If you have several products or services that you would like to feature, then this page would be an overview with links to each product or service which has more detailed information. For the basic price, this should not make the overall number of pages over 6.

What are the Brochure Website Features?Contact Us

Here you should find the company contact information such as company phone numbers, address, fax numbers, and email addresses. You can also have a location map if needed. And you should have a contact form. This allows for visitors to contact you directly.

What are the Brochure Website Features?Custom Blog

This feature of the CMS allows you to easily post updates to your website and include tips and advice for your new prospects and customers. This gives your visitors reason to come back to your brochure website over and over again. Update with a new post once a week or twice a month, or monthly but do it regularly for optimum results. This blog can be called: From the desk of, From the garden of, Taken from the notes of, etc.

Other Feature Details

Basic Image Optimization

Maximum 2 Images Per Page

We offer basic image optimization of your images. Each image is optimized for web use for quick downloading of each page on your brochure website.

Basic SEO Plugin and Training

Creating SEO Friendly Brochure Websites

We show you how to check the titles of your pages, make sure your images have meaningful names and alternate titles and adding keywords or descriptions to your pages and posts.

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