What are you looking forward to?

looking forward to the new yearEvery year, about this time, I begin to wonder about next year. I adore planning, scheduling, and making lists. Each new season I wait on God to speak to me about what is coming next. I am looking forward to the new year.

This year I went on a trip and hoped for quiet times to spend with God. But a cruise ship is not that sort of place. Most of my time was spent walking from deck to deck, on the stairs, searching for a quiet corner and food. I had ample time with my husband, though, and a few thousand other people.

My answer came in a spot surrounded by music, people, and noise. I shut everything else out of my mind and listened. Now I am looking forward to the new year and the promises God gave me.

But how is it done? How do I get from a desire to know God’s plan for me and knowing it?

Looking forward

  1. A desire grows in me to know what God has planned for me.
  2. Trust in God’s promises that He has a plan for me. Jeremiah 29:11
  3. Read my Bible.
  4. Pay attention to sermons, songs, and people’s conversations. God will point me in a direction.
  5. Pray and ask God to reveal to me His plans.
  6. Wait, take a walk, breathe deep, pray as I fall asleep, pray when I wake up.
  7. Listen, God will say, “this, this is what I’m saying.”
  8. Write it: God speaks most to me as I write whatever comes to mind.
  9. Share it: Find a trusted friend or family member to share your promises.
  10. Pray and confirm: Let God confirm in your heart what you’ve heard.

Some years I have questioned God’s answer. Especially the years I repeated last year’s word. For several years, I worked on “Fear Not.” There are many scriptures on the theme of fear and trusting God.

What are you looking forward to?

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