What Can I Eat?

sweet potato shepherd pie what can i eat?‘What can I eat’ is the motto of my mealtimes. After discovering my food allergies in 2011, I set out on a road of despair. I’m allergic to wheat, corn, and soy. These grains and legume with foods made from some part of these grains and legume fill the aisles of any grocery department. Cornstarch, modified food starch, soy lecithin, and wheat or soy protein infiltrate dairy products and meat. Even certain brands of cottage cheese or sour cream are off limits. Sadly, meat with certain juices or marinades contain thickeners or added proteins that make them no-nos.

What can I eat?

After several false starts and many episodes of rebellion, I settled into making my own food. It means raw meat, raw vegetables and fruit, and minimal servings of brown rice or even less oats. The blood test that told me I was allergic to wheat, corn, soy, sesame seeds, egg whites, peanuts, and walnuts was not a complete test.

More like guidelines

I discovered more foods I reacted to, some strongly, some mildly. I found I could eat more foods if they were organic. My daughter had learned to eat organic in desperation to find foods she can eat while nursing.

Finally, I could eat avocados and bananas again. A tiny bowl of oats is tolerated once or twice a week. My favorite vegetables, white potatoes and tomatoes, are now once in a while foods. Least favorite foods, such as any leafy green vegetable, are pushed upon me.

A journey to good, safe food

Through over a year of practice and my grandson maturing enough to eat more foods, my daughter and I learned to prepare and eat a variety of healthful, safe, anti-inflammatory meals.

We will be sharing recipes, meal planning, and our reasons for choosing such wild meals. Thank you for joining us!

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