What? Charlie Got a Puppy?

Charlie Gets a Puppy, part of the Charlie Storybooks

What? Charlie Got a Puppy? How does a cat get a puppy? That’s a great question. Charlie spent the night hanging out with friends. He didn’t make it home until after dawn. Oh, my!

As he anticipates a long restorative nap, Charlie is shocked to find a puppy in his living room! The puppy slept through Charlie’s initial hissy fit, so Charlie sprang onto the couch to supervise.

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What? Charlie Got a Puppy?

He heard Sweetheart on the phone in the other room, talking about the puppy, of all things. What about him? Usually, she tells Charlie stories on the phone. Sweetheart continued, “Thank you so much. I’ll keep watch over him until you get here. Goodbye!”

What was going on in this household? The puppy jerked in his sleep and whined. Charlie didn’t want to feel sorry for the little dog, but he was still a dog. Every time the puppy moved or made a sound, Charlie jumped. Usually he had just fallen asleep on the job. Charlie was determined to oversee this intruder, even if his eyes wouldn’t stay open.

Puppies are so loud and needy

Then the puppy woke up! Oh, the noise! It was awful. The puppy tried to get on the couch, but no amount of hissing made him give up. Finally, Charlie hit the puppy’s nose, and he stopped barking. Relief was at hand. But no, the puppy thought it was a new game. Sigh.

A really long time later, the doorbell rang. In came a woman who made a huge fuss over the puppy. Charlie was the main attraction in this house, not the puppy! It was humiliating. The stranger didn’t even notice Charlie.

The puppy was just a visitor!

Finally, the woman picked up the puppy and took him out the door. At long last, Charlie could relax. There would be no more barking or whining. Sweetheart came in and gave him his long-awaited attention. If only she had washed her hands first. Yuck, doggie slobber smell.

Charlie worked to get into a comfortable position and finally fell deeply asleep. He might have even snored. Shhh.

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