What do I do first? What are the next steps?

What are the next steps for a Living Legacy WebsiteInterested in creating a Living Legacy Website? Now you want to know, what are the next steps? Check out the list below:

  • Sign up for a Living Legacy Website
  • Determine what kind of history or legacy you want to create
  • Organize photos and submit them
  • Receive and review the questions page
  • Schedule an interview or send a request for an email interview
  • After the interview is completed and photos are received we will draft the story and set some categories or pages for the website.
  • You will choose a template, color scheme, and set up the website or website and domain with our guidance.
  • The website will be set up in a draft form for you to review and provide comments.
  • You will offer suggestions, comments or ask questions to help the website to develop your Living Legacy Website.
  • You will receive training on how to update and add to your website.
  • Other items you have chosen to add to the Living Legacy Website will be completed at this stage.

If these steps seem like something you would be interested in pursuing, sign up for a Living Legacy Website on our Fiverr account. Here you can see the different pricing and stages.

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