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What do I do first?

Anna: what do I do first?Creating a book is huge adventure filled with trudging and sweating. What do I do first? Here is a list that might help.

  1. Create your story.
  2. Prepare your story in digital format. Google doc is great or a word doc. Even a text file will work.
  3. Edit your storyanother list for this!
  4. Create an account with Create Space – another list for this!
  5. Start an account with Kindle – another list for this!
  6. Create an account with other digital book formats – another list for this!
  7. Design a cover – ebook cover or paperback cover – how are they different? art work, fonts, etc – another list for this!
  8. Prepare your book format to upload to Create Space – another list for this!
  9. Create book descriptions!
  10. After your book is published, now what? another list for this!

 What do I do first?

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