What do I eat for breakfast without eggs or cereal?

What do I eat for breakfast without eggs or cereal_How can I do breakfast when I can’t eat eggs or cereal? My sensitivities and allergies make it impossible to eat a “normal” breakfast. I can’t have most grains, I only tolerate oats once a week and only if I stay away from any other taboo foods during the same week. Rice I can do but brown rice is better for me. It has more fiber and gives me less of a sugar rush. What do I eat for breakfast without eggs or cereal?

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My routine has fallen into uncured bacon and asparagus. Yes, these are odd choices but I get protein, fiber, and vitamins with this. I supplement with bone broth, Ningxia juice, Matcha tea with Lemon and Tangerine essential oils. These drinks together give me protein and antioxidants plus a boost to help me get moving in the morning.

But what else can I eat?

My daughter surprised her coworkers with food generally reserved for dinnertime. She would have leftovers ranging from taco salad to steak or Thai food to baked veggies with chicken. When we make our veggie meatloaf (3 to 4 cups of shredded sauteed vegetables mixed into ground pork, turkey, and beef), I’ll have meatloaf for breakfast with asparagus.

When traditional foods don’t work and sensitivities extend to chia seeds, flax, and quinoa, it’s time to get creative and look at what breakfast means to me. The term breakfast comes from two words, to break your fast. We don’t eat at night, generally, and in the morning we eat for the first time after hours without food. This is breaking a fast.

What is breakfast without eggs or cereal?

What does a body need after a fast? Protein, fiber, complex carbohydrates, and fat. This helps our metabolism high and our body to exhibit less stress. What else do we need? Water! Yes, drinking a full glass of water before eating helps wake up your digestive track in the morning.

This means breaking a fast with meat or protein; fiber and complex carbohydrates – which might mean a sweet potato and beets baked the night before.  And fat you can find from coconut oil, avocados, or olive oil. This kind of thinking changes the basis for what is a breakfast food!

What do you eat for breakfast without eggs or cereal? What do you suggest for a non-dairy, soy-free, nut-free, grain-free breakfast?