What goes into a Living Legacy Website?

What goes into a Living Legacy website?How do you determine what goes into a Living Legacy website? Depending on the focus of a Living Legacy Website, you could have the site in categories such as:

  • Individual Family Members story
  • Wedding of the main couple
  • Other Weddings
  • The marriage
  • The births, birthdays, childhoods, graduation days
  • The family heritage – how our family is unique
  • War stories and experiences
  • Childhood stories, traumatic experiences, recipes
  • Feelings, beliefs, values
  • People and things that influenced
  • The firsts for a person
  • How historical events impacted that person
  • What it was like to become an adult.

Can I add photos and how many?

The initial project can have up to 25 photos. You can add more photos in counts of 50 if you need our help with them. Otherwise, you can set up a photo gallery using a WordPress plugin or use other photo albums online to use on your site and add as many photos as you like.

What goes into a Living Legacy website?

Other than categories of items and photos, you can also write out oral stories passed down through generations. These stories can be told with humor, drama, or strictly as history. It depends on your personality and the purpose of the website.

More on Living Legacy Websites

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