What if I wanted to create a book from the Living Legacy Website?

Create a book from a Living Legacy WebsiteYou can create an e-book from the Living Legacy Website information. The e-book is the easiest to distribute and have for others with minimal cost. You might consider offering the e-book for free and charging for a print edition. It may be fun taking the time to create a book from a Living Legacy Website.

You can create a paperback book easily using various print-on-demand publishers. The advantages to this kind of print book are that you can order one book at a time. The book will be available for years to come for anyone who wants to buy it. For POD publisher “Createspace”, the book will be available on Amazon.com for any family members or friends.

Will you create a book from a Living Legacy Website?

Our company can format the books for an e-book or a printed book for a single charge.

Most of my family books are available for 99 cents for the e-book but the printed books require more to print and ship so they cost more. I round up the price from the suggested print price in order to earn enough to break even.

I enjoy finding a way to make a lasting memoir for our family history. The Living Legacy Website provides a way to build the history over time and edit it as I go. Then when it feels complete, I can download it to create first an ebook and then a printed book.

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