What is Anna doing now?

Anna K Payne the writer what is anna doing nowDriving with Anna was written in the years 2005 through 2010 during the height of my three children’s teenage years. I drove them to school, to school functions, I picked them up, and their friends and delivered all to their homes. Sometimes I would drive for over 30 minutes when the school was less than five minutes away from our house. It seemed like I was always in the van. Some may ask, what is Anna doing now?

Once the kids were out of high school and driving their own cars, I was working full-time. When my youngest daughter started college I commuted 45 minutes to an hour one way (depending on traffic). In Southern California, it does depend on traffic.

What is Anna doing now?

Years later God provided me with work at a great company. I commuted every day for months. Then I commuted two or three days a week. Finally, I traveled to the office once a week or once a month as needed. For the last 18 month I have telecommuted. I stay home and I rarely drive. It has been delicious!

The lessons I learned through the years of driving have helped me move forward in difficult situations. And the ability to focus as people come and go helps me accomplish hours of work in the midst of chaos. My only distraction are chores, cat fights, and my darling grandson. When I bought my latest laptop, I shouldn’t have gotten a touch screen!

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