What is important in web design?

What is important in web design?Don’t hide the content. This is what is important in web design! Showcasing the content.

People want to find information, images, links, services, and products when they go to a website. They enjoy color, whimsical design, intriguing technical extras as long as they can still find what they need quickly.

They will like the site and come back to it often if there is new content in which they are interested. If your site has interesting content on a regular basis, people will return there often.

How to focus on what is important in web design

Web design can be unique and personal but it also needs to have easy navigation so visitors can find what they want efficiently.

New WordPress themes using the Genesis framework or other frameworks utilize widgets on the home page and sidebars to grab the reader’s attention and showcase content. The items put in front of the readers should entice the reader with solutions for their pressing needs.

Creating an avatar, a representative of who your readers are, helps you focus your attention on their problems to present solutions for them.

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