What to do after the proposal

I sent in a proposal, now what?You have sent in a proposal and now you want to know what to do. You should be applying for a few jobs at a time so you will always be waiting to hear on new projects. This not only increases your odds of getting a project but will also make sure you have a steady stream of paid work.

  • Respond quickly to client questions.
  • Apply for new projects.
  • Submit an article advertising your services or add to your blog.
  • Add to your samples of work to send with proposals.
  • Update your job spreadsheet.
  • Continue marketing plan of services using social media.

First things to do after winning a proposal.

  • Make sure you have a PayPal account to be paid quickly. Use the website’s payment system to make sure you are not left without pay.
  • Create a task list and set goals according to a timeline so that you finish the job ahead of time.
  • Review your work before you call it finished.
  • Answer questions or changes from client promptly.

The project is finished, now what?When you finish a project, send an email to the client to request a reference from them. To help the busy client, you are sending a custom reference template and if they agree they can just send back, “I agree”. Then you can post references from clients.Some weeks later, think about your client and their business. See if you can find something that might help them in their work and offer to help them. If you find an article that has an interesting idea, send them the link and make some suggestions they might try.Always be polite and straightforward in your dealings with clients. They will thank you with repeat business and referrals.

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