What’s in a Website?

What's in a website?What is the purpose of a website? Is it something you need? What’s in a website you need to tell your readers what you want them to know?

Check these items:

  • An online presence so others can find your business.
  • A way for others to communicate with you.
  • A way for you to show your expertise.
  • A place to sell service and products.
  • A place to explain the benefits of your service and products.
  • Landing pages for forms, free papers, free items to build email list.
  • Building your brand and platform.

How do you find out what’s in a website that you need?

Sometimes talking out your plans or writing them in a mind map, a flow chart, or any other visual will help you organize your thoughts. How do you focus your website on your vision? These are all questions you need to find out.

What do you need for your business? Let’s talk.

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