Who creates a Living Legacy Website?

Who creates a living legacy website?Different people create a Living Legacy website for different reasons. Who creates a Living Legacy website? You can use this website as an opportunity to connect with loved ones and share what matters. Inspire others by sharing extraordinary experiences, wisdom, values and your family history. You can capture the life stories of a loved one or you can record the your own life story. Give your family the priceless gift of your life story.

Who creates a Living Legacy website?

Some people use a Living Legacy website to help elderly people share their stories before they are lost forever. For veterans, retirees and those with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, a Living Legacy Website helps them recognize and tell their stories of traumatic or difficult times. Even a caretaker can help put together a website.

In this busy world families are facing a quality time crunch. Employees are asked to work longer hours. The children are in various activities with variable schedules. Many families live far from extended family. Telling the story of your family can be a powerful unifying project. There are many ways to involve your family in recording your stories.

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