Why Then What Can I Eat?

Why Then What Can I Eat?

“Then what can I eat” website is born from the quest for good, comfort food which is healthy, organic, and tasty but also something I can eat. Years ago, I took an allergy blood test and discovered I am allergic to wheat, corn, soy, egg whites, sesame seed, and tree nuts. It is a devastating blow to someone who loves tacos and pizza, let alone someone who hates lettuce.

Additional sensitivities complicate the food search to avocados, tomatoes, too much cheese, and dairy. I struggled against the allergies and sensitivities and rebelled by eating Del Taco burritos! The aftermath left me struggling for days bemoaning a moment’s lapse, five minutes of joy, and three days of pain, bloating, and diarrhea.

No corn shell tacos! No wheat flour burritos! No pizza?

The journey through what I could eat without reacting left me thinking I could only eat meat and vegetables. Even most fruits caused a reaction.

My daughters graduated high school and began to experience sensitivities similar to mine but some different. From then on, eating together became more difficult than finding time to meet!

When my grandson was born with severe eczema, stomach sensitivities, and a stomach too young for breast milk, my daughter’s way of eating shrunk to vegetables and meat also. The only difference between her diet and mine was that I still ate dairy and couldn’t eat squash.

Then what can I eat?What can I eat?

Soon she started changing all foods to organic and non-GMO. Everything cost more, but I realized I could eat bananas again if they were organic. I could enjoy a few tomatoes, too, as long as they were organic. I’ve tried all kinds of foods in the non-GMO natural state, but I’m still allergic to wheat, corn, soy, egg whites, sesame, and tree nuts. If I stay within bounds, one day a week, I can “cheat” with organic wheat as long as I add any of the others.

Even oats give me issues, so I limit all grains but rice to once a week. And since I’m overweight, my doctors say limit my rice. I’ve reduced white potatoes with the grains and will eat sweet potatoes once a week. I still don’t eat lettuce much, but spinach, arugula, and other greens are just fine. Broccoli is not my favorite, but cauliflower is good.

No lettuce, please

And I eat meat. I’ll eat those if I can find uncured beef or pork sausage, ham, and bacon. A roast cooked in the crockpot can fix a meal with less work. Fried chicken with tapioca flour has turned tasty. And finally, we are starting to find recipes that are easy to make and are good for us.

Join us on our journey to find comfort food that doesn’t silently poison us!

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