Won #NaNoWriMo but haven’t finished!

Orchidpenwriting Review writingI made it through the 50,000 words for #NanoWriMo but I didn’t make my goal of 60,000 words. Poor Rose is left in mid-struggle while I try to find the time to finish. I managed to finish and “win” on Saturday but Sunday was filled with preparing for the work week.  Then Monday I succumbed to the flu myself.

Monday was spent asleep, not drinking or eating anything until suppertime. Dieting with the flu for someone with food allergies and trying to eat clean is challenging. So the BRAT diet is turned into bananas and brown rice (hmmm, chewy). Too tired after the rice to try an apple but they sound good. I’m not a fan of apples so that means something.

Today will be spent in going through my emails, working double time to make up for a lazy sick weekend, and drinking tea with rice cakes. Hopefully tomorrow I can find a minute to rescue Rose from her struggles and help her find her way to the celebration at the end.

Stay well, reduce your sugar intake, and drink plenty of fluids! A combination of the voices in my head from my mom and my daughters keeps going over and over in my mind. Okay! No chocolate chips for me. Rats.

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