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Here are some of the writing resources I still follow:Worldwide Freelance This web site was started by Gary McLaren in 1999. He was living in Asia as an expat at the time, and he wanted to help writers from around the world to be able to find publications that work with freelancers.Today, our database lists more than 2,500 freelance writing markets with two levels of access. Everyone can browse 700 markets free of charge. The more serious writers can become Markets Plus members and gain full access to 2,500+ markets.We are passionate about freelance writing. We are continually on the lookout for the latest publishing news as well as tips and resources that we can share with our readers.Filbert PublishingMake Your Writing Sparkle. Market Smart. Create a Great Life.I created the Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild to help you become the author you long to become.You’ve come to the right place if you:Are ready to unleash the book you have inside you.Long to make a living sharing your creativity and message with the world.Want to train under someone who’s been there and can take you to the next level.Want to network with thousands of other dedicated writers.If you’re willing to learn, I’ll come alongside you in your writing journey and help you avoid the common pitfalls most novice writers face.And my favorite writer resource is Holly Lisle Writing Classes.

How To Write Flash Fiction That Doesn't SUCKFOR ALL MEMBERS: Free 3-Week Short-Short-Fiction Writing Class!

How to Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t SUCK,

my free three-week writing class that teaches you how to write good short-short stories, finish your work, and created story collections you can sell, is now available for both new and existing members.

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