Writing Verses into Prayers – Want to learn how?

Write Verses into Prayers - AP Creations
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A few weeks ago, I wrote out my personal steps for writing Bible verses into prayers I use in prayer.

Why is it important to use scriptures in prayer? Because when we pray Bible verses we are praying in line with God’s will for us. We pray His promises and His word for us.

Are you writing verses into prayers?

I love the way Paul prays at the beginning of his books and I use those scriptures. David of the Psalms prayed his despair and discouragement but he also prayed God’s provision and promises. His joyous Psalms make wonderful prayers.

As you can see in my Daily Prayer Guide, I’ve rewritten verses into prayers I personally pray every day. The Daily Prayer Guide is available free for your use. You can see how I’ve used my favorite bible verses which help calm me in stressful situations.

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