Day 110 April 20 Matthew 28:17

Matthew 28:16-20Meanwhile, the eleven disciples were on their way to Galilee, headed for the mountain Jesus had set for their reunion. The moment they saw him they worshiped him. Some, though, held back, not sure about worship, about risking themselves totally.Jesus, undeterred, went right ahead and gave his charge: “God authorized and commanded me to commission you: Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life, marking them by baptism in the threefold name: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Then instruct them in the practice of all I have commanded you. I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age.”There was fear when Jesus rose from the dead. The guards at the tomb were so frightened they couldn’t move. The women were frightened by the appearance of the angel. They went to tell the disciples and they were frightened by Jesus appearing in front of them.It wasn’t just being afraid. They had a reason. They had seen Jesus die. People didn’t rise from the dead. That kind of thing makes people afraid.So when the disciples saw Jesus alive, some were unsure. Would I have comprehended what was going on? Would I have bowed to worship Jesus? Or would I have hung back, not sure, not willing to risk myself totally.Lord, forgive me for my fear and my unbelief. You are real. You are strong. You are my Savior. Teach me to be bold and to risk myself for you. Help me to totally abandon myself to you this day.Help me to follow your commission. To train all that I meet in this way of life. And you will be with me every day. You will be here holding my hand as I walk through this day. Give me comfort and peace. Give me great joy and kindness. Give me wisdom and knowledge. Show me my path today.

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