He knocks and I let him in

Jesus came to earth to fulfill a mission. At the beginning of his earthly ministry he quoted from Isaiah 61. His mission was to bring good news to the poor. God the Father sent him to comfort the brokenhearted. He was sent to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed. He is to tell those who mourn that the time for God’s favor has come. He has started an exchange program. For those who mourn he has given a crown of beauty and a joyous blessing. He has given festive praise instead of despair. For those who accept it, they will be like great oaks planted by God and they will bring glory to God.Jesus has set me free to be myself. He has set me free to be the person I am in Christ Jesus. I can be that person God meant me to be.He meant for me to trust and depend on him only. He asked me to lean on him with all my heart and my entire mind. He wants me to seek him to fulfill the ache and empty parts of my soul. Every day I must choose to lay down my defensiveness and allow the healing balm of Jesus to heal my wound. I need to allow him to be my God, my Strength, and my Defender.Every day I hear him knock at my heart’s door and I open my heart to him. When I experience a betrayal, a rejection, a word spoken against me, or a relationship lost, he is there waiting to heal me. He loves me. And I invite him into my heart.I don’t want there to be any obstacle, any proud or rebellious thought to keep me from knowing God. I want him in my life and in my heart. I want him to guide me through every minute of every day.He has said to me that I am his. He said I am beloved by him and he cherishes me. He was despised and rejected in my place. He understands me and he cares for me.I can lean on him. He will allow me to feel every emotion and he will understand me. He will help me to forgive others. He will help me understand the hurts I have. He will make sure I know that I matter to God. He lets me give him my hurts and he heals me.He wants to protect me. He asks me to give up my belief in the lies. He protects me and brings me into a wide free place of security and love. He fathers me. He gives me love, his tender strong love. He showers me with praise and gives me beauty in many things in this world. His love sustains me and allows me to face others with grace and mercy. His joy glows brightly within me so that I can share his love with others.He calls me beautiful. He says I am his delight. He gives me grace and he gives me love. He is the Father God and my bridegroom Christ Jesus. He is the Spirit within me. He surrounds me and gives me what I need for this day.Thank you, God.

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