Intercessory Prayer – Week Two

This week the emphasis on prayer is praying for all the saints. In the book it refers to praying for our local church, our service, those connected to the service and to the other services on the Irvine campus, then all of the Mariner’s campuses. But then, we are also to pray for all the children of God in their struggles, those in our neighborhoods, our state, our country, and in the world.In the second chapter of the book, Andrew Murray says that the act of praying brings more clarity and understanding.  But then it also brings more of a desire to pray. So then praying brings even more clarity and understanding of how to pray which brings more and more power.  He also talks about our part in the ministry of the Holy Spirit is to ask. We ask God to move, to bless people, to heal, to save, to feed, to find jobs, to protect and God’s job is to answer. This asking gives us strength and courage when God speaks to us so that we can act on what God says in that moment.  Let’s not miss out on what God has for us. Let us pray for power and for the saints everywhere.

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