Passionately Patient

Yesterday I drove up the 55 and then down the 5 in the rain.  It really wasn’t all that bad on the 55.  I could concentrate and see everything fairly clearly.  My windshield wipers were a little surprised at the long workout but they performed fairly well.
When I turned onto the 5 though, it was like a mist grew from the pavement and filled the air almost 20 feet high.  Suddenly I could barely see the cars around me (which were all speeding by like the freeway was dry) and I had difficulty making out the exit signs.  I tried to think how many exits it would be until my turnoff.  But I hadn’t been this way in quite a while.
The signs materialized out of the white mist and I found my exit.  It was coming up next.  Unfortunately the last exit had returned with two extra lanes so I needed to weave in between the fast moving cars.  Finally I was off the freeway and back on simple slow side streets.
Sometimes life moves too quickly and I can’t see what is coming up.  I don’t know what to expect but I do tend to worry about it.  I want to panic and try to figure out how to see things better.  I don’t trust God.
In Revelation it speaks of a time when the world is moving too quickly.  It is overrun with evil.  There is suffering.  And there is no way to escape.  And yet, it speaks of the saved ones as being patient.  They patiently wait for God.  Where is my patience, God?  Why don’t I know how to wait patiently for you when things come at me fast?  Help me God to trust in you, every day, in every moment of time.
Revelation 14:12 Meanwhile, the saints stand passionately patient, keeping God’s commands, staying faithful to Jesus.

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