Retired At Home!

What does a retired person do after working for 31 years? I found out almost 12 years ago, when I left school. As I spent 31 years learning to teach children, I found children taught me. I explored many avenues of ‘reaching each child’ and found that it is as simple as seeing each child as an individual and teaching them with respect. But now, what will I do as retired at home?

Retired at Home - what to do after retirementAfter retirement, I wondered, who will I be now, that I am no longer a Teacher. I soon learned. Soon, I mentored the Sunday School Teachers in my church, giving many of the same workshops I had given public school teachers. I found that computer skills were utilized at church to create a website, to begin an email prayer/praise ministry. Then I learned to paint murals, painted and designed scenes for the Christmas drive-thru and have one more season of painting in me. I used my musical skills to teach piano. This I decided to charge money for….but making the lessons affordable to struggling families.

Retired at home!

Staying at home is a blessing. Staying at home made me available for many things. I learned to “do” lunch with ladies. I learned to share  schedules and one car with my dear husband. Did I have enough income, who EVER has enough? I found that teaching piano was one way to make enough money for extra things.

The most gratifying stay-at-home activity is communicating with four children, twelve grandchildren and two of six of our great grandchildren who live in different states.

Staying at home means being able to find your passion, explore and develop it and then market it. I am working on writing now!

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