Amish Second Chance Trilogy by Sandra Becker

Author Reviews Sandra Becker Amish Second Chance TrilogyWelcome to the Author Review Section of AP Creations! We are adding this review section to help you know more about different Christian authors you want to read! Meet Sandra Becker. She has several box sets available written about Amish characters. Check out the featured Amish Second Chance Trilogy here!

Amish Second Chance Trilogy – Sweet Clean Romance!

Can a first love get a second chance?
When Hannah runs into Benjamin twenty-two years after they had first courted, the old spark gets re-ignited between them. But they are no longer teenagers, and no longer in love.
Or are they?

This box set contains the complete Amish Second Chance trilogy comprising of A Second Chance 1, 2 and 3. This book is an ideal read for fans of Amish books, Amish Romance, Christian romance, and Christian fiction.

Books in the Amish Sweet Faith Boxsets series:

  1. Breaking Amish Tradition
  2. Amish Forever
  3. Waiting for my Beloved
  4. Amish Siblings
  5. Amish Second Chance Box Set 1 – 3
  6. First three books of Amish Sweethearts 1-3
  7. And more coming soon!

Amish Second Chance Boxset available at Sandra Becker’s website!

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