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I Walked with Jesus Today

I Walked with Jesus Today!The morning sun shone through the windows as my eyes slowly opened to a new day. Your presence greeted me, and my heart rejoiced. Tonight I can say to myself; I walked with Jesus today!

I quickly thought of my to-do list picked up my tablet to check things. First I updated the apps and then moved on to weather. What was the day to look like where I would walk with Jesus? Would it be chilly or sunny, will it rain or be windy? I reviewed the news connected to the weather and frowned at the disasters approaching. But I closed the app and didn’t notice the look on Jesus’ face.

I moved on to Instagram and searched for images of my children and family. Finding one tiny picture, I pressed the heart. I scrolled through other photos and then closed the app, but I didn’t see the concern on Jesus’ face.

Can you say – I walked with Jesus today?

Next, I hovered over my email and chose my reading app. There the devotional book was open, and I read a few lines. My mind was quickly distracted as I thought of my busy day. I made it through several verses and highlighted one verse before closing the app. Thoughts of prayer slipped through my mind while I raced through dressing and my breakfast. Jesus watched me focus on what I wanted, and I ignored His subtle hints.

When I left the house, I barely paused to wish my family a “Good day!” And I missed His fallen countenance when my mind turned to work for today. My driving suffered from my inattention, and I lost a blessing or two when I focused on work instead of where I was right now. A neighbor ignored and a pedestrian passed by, who knows what beautiful things God had for me. My thoughts centered only on me and what I had to do today.

The day filled with challenging problems and I handled them all as best I could. But when I reviewed my hours spent, I realized I hadn’t thought of Jesus once today. I looked up into His face, and He was standing right near me. “I’m sorry, Lord, I didn’t think. I wanted to walk with You today.”

He smiled at me and reached out His hand. I placed my hand in His. He gently nudged me to my feet and took me out into the hall. Alone she sat staring down at her desk, tears falling down her cheeks. Jesus pushed me toward her, and I heard the words, “She needs a listening ear.”

Listen to Jesus, He is speaking to you!

I sat beside her desk and placed my hand near her elbow. Startled, she looked at me, and I didn’t know what to do. I looked at Jesus, and He pointed to my mouth. In trust, I opened my mouth and words flowed from me. “How can I help?” was the simple phrase I uttered. Her story flooded between us as she shared the burdens she faced.

As she fell silent, I glanced at Jesus, and He pointed to Himself. I nodded and shared my Blessed Savior with this hurting sister in Christ. Together we prayed and placed her burdens at His feet. With new strength, we rose from our chairs and hugged each other with joy. Jesus joined our circle and hugged us both as dried our tears. Together we walked out from our work and parted at our cars.

On the way home I stopped and chatted quietly with strangers along the way. They were people I’ve never met but have seen each day. I’d been too busy to see them. In my driveway, I saw my neighbor and took time to say “Hello.” Surprise in their face put me to shame for I’d ignored them until now. The friends I made this day surprised me as I walked with Jesus today.

When I walked in the door, the chaos surrounded me, my family filled with energy. I stopped to look into each face and said, “I love you,” to each one. How much more joyous my day would be if I had listened to Jesus sooner? I’ll never know, but I do understand this. I walked with Jesus today!

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