Clean Eating Weeknight Dinners!

Clean Eating Weeknight DinnersMy daughters and I are always on the outlook for new recipes for clean eating weeknight dinners. Finding food that we can all eat is challenging enough without worrying if it is healthful too.

Check out this new book of recipes by Tamarind Press!

Changing your habits to live a healthier life can be easy if you start from your everyday nutrition!

Be inspired by this recipe collection, which has been specifically designed to help you out during your busy working weeks, to discover new easy dishes for you and your family.

Each recipe contains fresh vegetables, fruits and “real” ingredients, that can be mixed in thousands of different combinations of flavors to create delicious and light meals.

You will find fresh salads for summer and hot soups for winter days. There is also several main courses (with a lot of meat and fish, for non-vegetarian people!) and snacks, to match all your personal preferences.

These recipes are straightforward, which makes them suitable for people unused to cooking much. If you are eager to improve your diet, you’ll find out that healthy meals won’t make you give up good tasting food. These recipes help you discover authentic flavors!

Clean Eating Weeknight Dinners: 100 Fast and Healthy Dinner Recipes (ready in under 30 minutes) 

Give it a try and let us know!

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