Why shade trees fill me with peace

Why shade trees fill me with peace

I walk through the rustling grass listening to the wind whistle in the leaves. The top of my head is warm from the sun, but the cool shade of the trees relaxes me. I have found a haven to rest. Small animals hurriedly escape from my path, darting into the undergrowth. Earthy smells from the ground beneath me remind me I am far away from my worries. These shade trees fill me with peace.

These shade trees fill me with peace

Here under the trees, I see evidence of God’s caring hand. Sheltered by the shadows of these mighty living statues, I can feel the presence of my Savior. He keeps my skin from burning from exposure to the sun. And He mutes the sounds of civilization through the miracle of the forest. Here I can rest and think about His love. In this place, I understand His love for me. I see His plan for even the smallest insect or plant. We all have a purpose and His guiding hand.

In the shade, I have a chance to think without distractions. I always find Him standing beside me, waiting patiently for my attention. His smile is full of gracious love. I can see love in His eyes. Here I talk to Him about my worries or decisions. I remember all those who have gone before me into His arms. And I know He watches over me.

My plea for you

Turn your attention to God and seek Him. He is nearby. Stop your wrongdoing and turn back to the One who saves. Experience His love and compassion. His forgiveness is inexhaustible. His ways are not our ways. When He speaks, His words will always accomplish what He has determined.

Seek God and His words. And let Him fill your hearts and minds. Then you will go out in joy and be led home in peace. The world around us will rejoice with you. And we will be reminded of our Lord and Savior.

We will know how God can be trusted absolutely and forever!

And this is why shade trees fill me with peace. Because then I know how I can trust God absolutely and forever.

Isaiah 55:5-13 So turn your attention and seek the Eternal One while it is still possible; call on Him while He is nearby. Let those who are busy plotting violence and doing wrong stop right now, turn, and do right. Let them turn back to the Eternal so they can experience His compassion.

God will excuse our past wrongs. Our God’s forgiveness is inexhaustible. My intentions are not always yours, and I do not go about things as you do. My thoughts and My ways are above and beyond you, just as heaven is far from your reach here on earth.

For as rain and snow can’t go back once they’ve fallen, but soak into the ground And nourish the plants that grow, providing seed to the farmer and bread for the hungry, So it is when I declare something.

My word will go out and not return to Me empty, But it will do what I wanted; it will accomplish what I determined. For you will go out in joy, be led home in peace. And as you go the land itself will break out in cheers; The mountains and the hills will erupt in song, and the trees of the field will clap their hands.

Prickly thorns and nasty briers will give way to luxurious shade trees, sweet and good. And they’ll remind you of the Eternal One and how God can be trusted absolutely and forever.

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