Lord, move me to action!

Lord, Move me to action!God speaks, and we listen. This is the way it has always worked. From the beginning of time, when God speaks, we listen. And why? He is the Almighty God, the Holy One. He is the Great I AM. I cry out to the Lord, “Lord, move me to action!”

When I look forward into this new year, my heart trembles in fear. I see the news, the social media, the hearts of those around me who should be portraying Christ’s attitude. I remember my past failures. And I know my faults.

But, God.

Lord, move me to action!There is a God and He is my Savior, my King, and my Lord. He lives inside of me. My God has placed His Spirit on me and He moves in me. I know He moves in me daily. He speaks to me every day and I feel His presence. I could not fulfill my purpose and walk His pathways without His Spirit guiding me. He loves me. And He brings me comfort.

His Spirit speaks to me through His word. His words are within me and I speak His words. Jesus said He hears the voice of His Father and speaks what He hears God, the Father, speak. In the same way, His Spirit speaks to me and I speak the words He gives me.

But I don’t just speak them, they move me to action. This is the true test. I can hear the words of my heavenly Father, but if I do not follow His leading and do as He instructs me, how can I succeed? Jesus said He does what He sees the Father doing. If this is how Jesus operated, the One who never sinned, then how can I not also follow His leading.

What do I hear the Lord speaking to me? To follow Jesus and fulfill His mission here on earth. Lord, move me to action!

Lord, move me to actionWhat is His mission?

Luke 4:18-19 The Spirit of the Lord the Eternal One is on Me. Why? Because the Eternal designated Me to be His representative to the poor, to preach good news to them. He sent Me to tell those who are held captive that they can now be set free, and to tell the blind that they can now see. He sent Me to liberate those held down by oppression. In short, the Spirit is upon Me to proclaim that now is the time; this is the jubilee season of the Eternal One’s grace.

Jesus reads from Isaiah 61:1-2 in his hometown in the synagogue.  He announced that these words were being fulfilled now and in their hearing. As they realized Jesus was applying the meaning of these words to himself, personally, they became irate. It wasn’t a popular thing to speak the words His Father spoke to Him. But Jesus did so in spite of the danger and attitude of those around Him.

How could I do any less? We, God’s Church and Jesus’ Bride, are to be God’s representative to the poor. We are to preach the Good News of Jesus and His Salvation to them. Those who are held captive by sin can be set free. And those who cannot see the truth will now be able to see. All those who are held down by oppression, whether by man or disease, they will have liberty. This is now the time of the Spirit and we loudly proclaim the jubilee season of God’s grace to us.  We say to others, “Your sins are forgiven. Repent and turn from your ways. Seek God and His Kingdom.”

Lord, move me to action!

Lord, move me to action! Let Your words dwell richly in me and be spoken by me. But don’t just move me but also move my children, my children’s children, and all generations. Show me how to proclaim Your grace and mercy to others. Free the captives, heal the blind, liberate the oppressed through my life and the lives of my children.

Isaiah 59:21 My Spirit, which rests on and moves in you, and My words, which I have placed within you, will continue to be spoken among you and move you to action. And not only you, but so it will be for your children and their children too. And so on through the generations for all time.

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