Arabah Joy – Encouraging Intimacy with God

Arabah Joy Trust without bordersI’m impressed. When I read Arabah Joy’s devotional, ‘Trust Without Borders’, I drank in the thoughts and scriptures she provided. But I had no idea of the depth of this woman’s ministry.

Her website explains how Arabah helps women grow in their relationship with God and that is what she does. I recently was able to listen to her speak on a webcast. I wasn’t prepared for the outcome of her talk.

Trust without Borders by Arabah Joy

The webcast was on prayer, and I’m writing a book on prayer, I speak about prayer, but lately, I’ve been sick and my family has been sick. I haven’t been praying much beyond “Help me!” prayers. I’ve been struggling to write and work while I clean and help my family. I started the webcast after it was over because I was babysitting. I began the webcast and immediately went through my email reviewing the tasks I needed to do as Arabah spoke.

Her words filtered through the busyness in my brain until I looked up the scriptures she mentioned and really listened to her. I followed her and her instructions. I wrote out prayers. In my own words, I rephrased scriptures into my own prayer. I listened and prayed with Arabah and my spirit within me was strengthened. God spoke to me and I felt His power and passion in me again.

This woman is meant to encourage you. Check out her website, Arabah Joy, and her resource pages. Join her subscriber link and let her emails into your inbox. You won’t regret it.

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