In Search of Me: A Driving with Anna Devotional

In Search of Me - searching for me

After 15 years of marriage and over ten years of being a parent, I began searching for me. I had changed thousands of diapers. Sleep deprivation filled my days for more than half a decade.

My children left home school to attend public school. I spent hours learning new skills since my old ones were obsolete. My life changed completely.

Are you thinking: Should I be searching for me?

Advice from other parents contained doing something fun. I had no idea what was fun anymore. Shopping and large crowds don’t appeal to me, I’m too much of an introvert. I turned to the only place I could, my Savior and Lord.

Even with pouring myself into the Bible, I struggled. I joined a women’s Bible study and made friends. I prayed regularly and took personality tests. The tests revealed an aptitude for teaching and writing, passions I had run from my whole life.

What will you find out when you search for yourself? Get in touch with yourself and the God who made you. Find out what you were made to do.

In Search of Me is a devotional book where I searched for meaning in my life. See how you can find yourself using life lessons from the bible.

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