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Moving forward to the finish line!

Backyard View of Santa Clarita Valley Moving to the finish lineMoving to the Finish Line

The year is half over and I am racing to push forward to the finish line. My theme this year is to finish. I need to finish editing my books. Finish writing classes. I will finish writing some books. Start typing in devotionals and books by my grandmother, Anna Daisy. She would be proud of me to be finishing so many projects. She would also be shaking her head wondering how I let it pile up so high. But mostly she would be proud.

Look to the finish line

“Look toward the future, the finish line, the goal, toward the heavenly gates.” My father has dementia and is over 90. He rarely remembers my mother on her visits to his full-time care. But he is always willing to talk about heaven and his loving heavenly Father. Most of his lucid moments come during prayer time. Those are my mom’s precious moments.

Lord, You alone are my inheritance, the finish lineI pray for my father to be freed from his weak physical body. Then he will be able to jump and run again. His voice will ring with laughter, the hearty laugh of one who is loved and well. And I pray for my mother to be rested and in good health. I pray she will enjoy these last few years with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. My parents are looking toward the heavenly gates, to the finish line. Their perspective is different from mine.

I see my grandson growing every day. He is learning new things at lightening speed. And he brings great light and joy to our whole family. We all are working toward our own goals, searching for small periods of rest and peace.

For us, I pray we will not forget to pause in our drive forward toward those goals and remember we are children of God. When we look at the great mountains of Santa Clarita valley or the beautiful beaches in Orange County, let us remember our help comes from on high, our stability and peace comes from the Rock. We can sit for a moment and dwell on that. We can rest in His arms today.

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