Day 167 June 16 Psalm 81:5

Psalm 81:5I hear this most gentle whisper from One I never guessed would speak to me:Is my life filled with moments where I can hear the most gentle whisper? Do I have a quiet time? Do I have a point in my day to regenerate and focus on God?Lord, forgive me for my busyness. Forgive me for not building in time to spend with you. You are my strength. You are my power. You focus my life with passionate love and mercy.Build in me your strength and your courage. Build in me your gentleness and your kindness. Let me be filled with your joy and your peace.Fill my mouth with your words of patience and confidence. Let me see your most gentle self. Let me relax into you and find rest for my soul.You are my God and my salvation. You save me everyday from my sins and from my weaknesses. Let me hold on to you today as I walk this path. Let me know you are there with me. Point out to me the beauty you have created for me today.

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