Gentleness in Words and Manners

holdingchimeHow soft is a grandmother’s hand as she caresses her grandchild? The love pours from her heart as serves this child. her hand flutters to his head and gently rubs. How much more does our Father in heaven watch over us?Learning the wisdom of God through the words of the Bible enables us to become wise in God’s ways. Then we know how to interpret life. We speak words which put light in the eyes of those around us. We give gentleness to others so they may learn to be kind and thoughtful in their speech and actions.Lord, teach us Your words today. Bring us to the Bible every day so we can learn from You. Give us the wisdom we need and gentleness of heart. Let us learn to be kind to others and teach them by our actions to spread gentleness and life-giving hope.Ecclesiastes 8:1There’s nothing better than being wise,Knowing how to interpret the meaning of life.Wisdom puts light in the eyes,And gives gentleness to words and manners.

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