His Love

His love is like the soft autumn wind blowing cool air in the desert wilderness. His love brings new life to old wounds, to flowers blooming and to long lost memories. His love touches me like nothing ever imagined by man. His love is necessary to my life.

His love is as strong as the bond between mother and child. His love is as mighty as the thunder that deafens my ears. His love is brighter than the lightning bolts in a spring storm. His love surrounds me like the luscious smells in the neighborhood of home. His love brings safety and provides shelter. His love creates hope and rekindles joy in my heart.

His love is larger than the universe but more accessible. His love reaches to the very heights of my soul and into the depths of my darkest thoughts. His love is more sure than the seasons of time, the sun rising or the stars shining in the dark sky. His love stalks me like a stealthy cougar. It is always there waiting for me to turn and receive it.

His love is free. It doesn’t cost me anything and it costs me everything I thought I held to tightly. His love encompasses me but does not intrude on me. His love relaxes me and lulls me to peaceful sleep. His love watches over me even when I am not awake. His love brings to me the feeling of safety.

His love is more than I ever imagined, even if I study or spend the rest of my life trying to describe it. His love draws me ever closer to him. His love is my source of energy. His love is huge. It never ends. It is loud and it is quiet. It booms into my life. It seeps gently into every tiny cell.

His love is mine even though I do not always trust him. His love continues to surround me even if I don’t understand why he cares. His love will always last beyond my disbelief. His love will not leave me. His love will not disappear. His love will not outgrow me. His love is solid and unmoving. His love is tender.

His love. It is mine. And yours.

Hosea 6:3

And we know — we pursue to know Jehovah, As the dawn prepared is His going forth, And He cometh in as a shower to us, As gathered rain — sprinkling earth.

Let’s do our best to know the LORD. His coming is as certain as the morning sun; he will refresh us like rain renewing the earth in the springtime.

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